Chemical analyzes of soil, substrate, compost, biohumus, etc., plants and water.

Biological and microbiological quality assessment of different substrates (soil, peat, sapropel, humus, compost, wood processing by-products) and products (food, cosmetics, etc.).

Food, agricultural products, feed, etc. sample composition testing and quality evaluation.

Evaluation of the efficacy and biological properties (fungicidal, insecticidal and bactericidal activity) of environmentally friendly plant protection products.

Development of recommendations for the adaptation of specific water bodies to waterfowl,

  •  creation and improvement of nesting conditions, 
  • evaluation and analysis of results, 
  • artificial nests for ducks

Environmental impact assessments on birds during the planning of various projects

  • wind farms
  • small water power plants
  • extraction of environmental resources (peat, sand, gravel, etc.)
  • etc.

The cost of services depends on the work (size of the area, size of the project, etc.) and the number of employees involved.