The project „Modernization of winter garlic cultivation for safe harvesting in an organic farm” was implemented by the support of EU European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) Latvian Rural Development Program 2014-2020 within the framework of sub-measure 16.2 “Support for the development of new products, methods, processes and technologies” of the 16th measure “Cooperation”.

The project is implemented with the aim of obtaining regular and high winter garlic yields on an organic farm, using garlic growing in covered areas during the winter and precise technologies for growing in the field.

Project partners: Farm „Lazdiņas” (leading partner), Farm „Mazkūlīši”, Institute of Horticulture, University of Latvia, Institute of Biology.

Project participants from University of Latvia: leading researcher/scientific manager Anita Osvalde, leading researcher Andis Karlsons, leading researcher Gunta Čekstere

Functions and tasks of the University of Latvia in the project

  • Development of soil improvement scheme for garlic growing in an organic farm.
  • Research on the composition of different substrates for the wintering period of garlic planting material.
  • Research on the most suitable substrate composition for growing of garlic planting material in a cassette system.
  • Participating in the organization of the Field day
  • Participation in the preparation of project reports throughout the project implementation period and in regular communication between project partners

The total budget of the project: 99 971.08 EUR, of which EAFRD funding is 82773.97 EUR.

LU funding: total costs 33227.30 EUR, EAFRD funding 29904.57 (90%) EUR

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