Laboratory of Magnetobiology


Head of the laboratory: Dr. biol. Antons Kolodinskis

E-mail: Phone: +371 20604030

The main research direction in the laboratory is the effect of electromagnetic radiation on living organisms 

The laboratory conducts research on the adaptation mechanisms of living organisms under the influence of electromagnetic environmental pollution. Since 2000, the laboratory has been conducting research mainly on the effects of electromagnetic pollution on the neuropsychological development of children and adolescents. In particular, the effects of electromagnetic radiation generated by mobile phones and household electronic devices on students' motor and psychological functions are studied. Since 2008, research has been launched on the effects of simulated electromagnetic radiation on plants and animals at the organism, cellular and biomolecular levels.



Since 2012, the Laboratory of Magnetobiology, in cooperation with the Laboratory of Environmental Genetics, has been investigating the effects of EMS on the formation of active oxygen compounds in plant gametes.

A series of studies with low-frequency electromagnetic radiation, in which the oxidative effect has been established, has been completed. European Commission “Science and Technology” project COST BM0704 “Emerging EMF Technologies and Health Risk Management” (2008-2012). Project MMC A.Kolodinskis;

National Armed Forces project ID no. AM 2006/047 “Effect of Electromagnetic Fields Generated by Air Force Radars on Human Health” (2006-2007). Project manager A.Kolodinskis;

Latvian Science Council (LSC) scientific project No.05.1429 “Study of the potential impact of mobile communication systems on the development of children's psychophysiological functions” (2005-2008). 

Project No.DVVF-04-4-li “Research of electromagnetic pollution in Riga City Center district and development of information system” (2004-2005).

European Commission “Science and Technology” project COST-281 “Potential Health Implication from Mobile Communication Systems” (2003-2007). Project MMC A.Kolodinskis;

LCS scientific project No. 01.0477 “Investigation of the effect of electromagnetic fields on the development of children and youth” (2001-2004);

European Commission INCO-COPERNICUS project no. ERB15 IC98 0303 (1999-2002);

USSR Academy of Sciences Biosphere and Ecological Research Program (1983-1985). Performer A.Kolodinskis;

International project "INTERMOZG" (1978-1981). Performer A.Kolodinskis.


The laboratory offers expertise in assessing the risk of potential exposure to human health from sources of electromagnetic pollution.

The main research direction in the laboratory is the effect of electromagnetic radiation on living organisms 


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