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Laboratory of Biochemistry and Physiology of Animals
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Head: Dr. biol. Svetlana Vasiļjeva

e-mail:        phone: +371 67945401   


The laboratory is involved in research on physiological, biochemical and immune processes during heavy metal stress in birds, both in whole organism and in organ, tissue, cell, molecular level. The antioxidative and immunomodulating effects of various nutrients and their interactions have been used to develop the theoretical basis of protective mechanisms against heavy metal loads in birds organism. Research directions:

  •             physiology and biochemistry of feeding and digestion in mammals and poultry;
  •              synergistic and antagonistic interaction mechanisms of nutrients [minerals (Zn, Cd, Se, Fe, Cu, Ca) and vitamins (A, D, E, C), etc.];
  •               regulation of heavy metal assimilation in organism and mechanisms for removal of metal loads;
  •               metal-binding proteins and their role in adaptation processes during environmental pollution by heavy metals;
  •               evaluation  of natural and adaptive  immunity in birds acted upon by heavy metals and megadoses of vitamins (A, D, C, etc.), using a designed  test-system;
  •               oxidative stress due to heavy metals (Cd, Fe, etc.) and megadoses of vitamins (C, A, etc.). The effect of prooxidant and antioxidant balance on oxidative stress development in organism;
  •               estimation of changing of tissue reactivity caused by heavy metals and megadoses of ascorbic acid;
  •               morphological changes in organs and tissues produced by heavy metals and megadoses of vitamins.