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Genomics and Bioinformatics
Last Update

Head: Dr. biol. Natalia Paramonova
Research Interest
The research interests are focused on plant, animal and human genomics and bioinformatics including basic and applied research:

  • Development of the molecular marker systems such as microsatellites (MSs), SNP-markers (single nucleotide polymorphisms) and genome mobile elements (transposons and retrotransposons) in cereals, mainly barley and farm animals (cows and others);
  • Evaluation of the genetic diversity in wild and cultivated barley and farm animal populations based on molecular marker genotyping and haplotype analysis;
  • Application of marker assisted selection (MAS) in barley and farm animals breeding programs;
  • New polymorphism detection in candidate genes for the economically important traits in barley and cow based on genomic DNA sequencing;
  • Identification and characterization of the genomic sites involved in nuclear rearrangements during barley plant development;
  • Association study on candidate-gene polymorphisms, cardiovascular, autoimmune and metabolic disorders in humans.

 Recent References:

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Permanent scientific staff

Natalia Paramonova

Dr. Biol., leading researcher

Kristine Osina

Master of Biology, PhD student, researcher

Kristine Dokane

Master of Biology, PhD candidate, researcher


The laboratory has a full set of equipment for studies in genomics and molecular genetics including DNA amplification, genotyping, cloning and gene expression analysis.

International activities:

2011. – 2013.                 Taiwan – Latvia – Lithuania cooperation project “Proteasomal gene alleles as risk factors for bronchial asthma in Latvian, Lithuanian and Taiwanese populations”

2010.– 2011.                 OSMOSE Latvia-France (CNRS unit UMR-8126) cooperation „Functional significance of the repeats in 14q13.2 and 4q35 regions predisposed to human pathologies”.

2007.– 2008.                 NordPlus Neighbour Nordic-Baltic network cooperation “Genomics for all: bringing new tools to breeders”.

 Pacipitation in national reseach programms

2013.–2015. ESF 2013/0043/1DP/ „Jaunas starpnozaru grupas izveide efektīvu diabētiskas neiropātijas ārstēšanas līdzekļu meklējumiem”

2011.–2013.    ERAF 2010/0315/2DP/ „Autoimūno slimību agrīnās diagnostikas metodes izstrāde”.

2014.-2017.  VPP 2014/VPP 2014-2017, 7. program. – (AgroBioRes), Project VP29.3. “Vietējas izcelsmes slaucamo govju un cūku saimnieciski nozīmīgo pazīmju ģenētiskā izpēte kvalitatīvu pārtikas produktu ražošanai un dabīgas izcelsmes barības sastāvdaļu izstrāde un pārbaude (LOPKOPĪBA)”

2014-2017.   VPP 2014/VPP2014-2017, Biomedicine, Project „DNS reparācijas fermentu molekulārģenētiskā un farmakoloģiska izpēte saistība ar metabolām slimībām”.


1.“1,4-Dihidropiridīna atvasinājums DNS pārrāvumu novēršanai cukura diabēta apstākļos”
List of authors: Evita Rostoka,  Jeļizaveta Sokolovska, Nikolajs Sjakste, Tatjana Sjakste, Kristīne Ošiņa. (Numb. P-15-89; OSI-2015-007)

2.“A method and a kit suitable for determining that a human subject has or is at risk of developing type 1 diabetes mellitus”

List of authors: Tatjana Sjakste, Natalia Paramonova, Nikolajs Sjakste
(European Patent Office, 80298 Minhene, Germany; numb: 13192748.5- 1404; numb.of ref: LAP 2/2456)
status: on examination