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Address: Miera Str., 3, Salaspils, LV-2169, Latvia

Phone:  +371 20604030

 Head of laboratory Dr Biol. Anton Kolodynski


  The laboratory focused its research on the adaptations mechanisms of children and teenagers and on the indices of neuropsychic development under electromagnetic environmental pollution. Since 2000, work has been focused on the effect of magnetic field on the development of children and teenagers. The studies are conducted at schools in close co-operations with the Ministry of Education and Science. The theme was included into the EU INCO-COPERNICUS and COST 281 international projects and the work is performed in co-operation with the scientists from a number of the EU countries.

 The Laboratory has equipment for the psychophysiological investigations. There is an electroencephalograph and computers plus software for psychophysiological diagnostics, as well as the equipment for measuring EMF. The equipment present at the laboratory allows carrying out comprehensive studies of the human individual psychophysiological characteristics.


 1. Project from Latvian Council of Science ID Nr. 05.1429 “Research of potential implications to

    children psychophysiological functions development from mobile communication systems”.

 2. Project from the Ministry of Defense ID Nr. AM2006/047 “The effect of the electromagnetic 

    field from the NMF Air Force Radar on human health”.

3. Project from Preiļi District ID Nr.VPD/ESF/PIAA/05/APK/ “Consultation in  

    professional orientation, improving the coordinating and support system of Preiļi District”

4. Project from Latvian Council of Science ID Nr. 09.1367

5. COST BM0704 "Emerging EMF Technologies: Health Risk Management", Member of MC

Offer for the ordered research:

  1. The laboratory offers expertise for investigating electromagnetic sources that can have a potential   risk for the population’s health.
  2. The laboratory can investigate individual psychological and psycho-physiological characteristics of pupils for pedagogic purposes. For the minors permission from parents will be needed.


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